Verizon Wireless Gears up for Palm Pre, Android, BlackBerry Storm 2

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Verizon Wireless will be swimming in hot new smartphones this summer if everything goes according to plan. The company plans to roll out a bunch of cutting-edge smartphones this year - and leading the pack, is the much anticipated Palm Pre. The Palm Pre will debut on June 6 exclusively on the on the Sprint [...]

Google Gives Away 4,000 Phones

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It’s not for everyone, and only if you are one of the delegates of Google I/O 2009.
To entice developers toward its Android Platform, Google gave away new, unlocked HTC Magic to all 4,000 attendees of its Google I/O 2009. By far, this announcement drew the loudest applause from the delegates.
On its opening keynote, Google spent [...]

AT&T Prepares for Google Android Handsets

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With the possiblity of AT&T losing its iPhone contract to Verizon, the wireless carrier prepares to offset the loss with the adoption of the Google Android platform.
Reports show that AT&T Wireless is preparing for the launch of the HTC Lancaster. This will be in August and will be the first Google Android device supported [...]

HTC Touch Diamond2

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As a successor to the HTC Touch Diamond, the HTC Touch Diamond2 boasts of a sharper, bigger touch screen and an improved TouchFlo interface that provides easier navigation. It is bundled with a 5-megapixel camera and a very responsive user interface.
When it comes to the design, the HTC Touch Diamond2 is a sophisticated smartphone. Its [...]

iPhone’s Rumored Feature - Digital Compass

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As we are nearing the announcement of the new iPhone this coming June at WWDC, iPhone rumors continue to pop up left and right. Another one has come up stating that the new version of the popular phone will include a digital compass. This compass could be very helpful to report, or instance, the direction [...]

Palm Pre Shortage Expected

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The Palm Pre hasn’t been released yet, but news of its short supply has already circulated around. Sprint and Palm confirmed the official launch date of the Pre on June 6. However, news of shortages and insufficient supply is already dampening the hype of the upcoming event.
In an interview with Reuters where Sprint’s CEO Dan [...]

Palm Pre Release Officially Announced

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Been waiting for the Palm Pre? You won’t have to wait very long. Sprint Nextel and Palm announced on Tuesday an official release date and pricing for the Palm Pre. This eliminates all rumors of early releases and bogus prices for Palm’s latest creation.
The Pre will be available in the US on June 6 for [...]

HTC Magic Android Phone to be Launched in Singapore

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HTC is planning to follow-up on the success of its first Android based phone. But get this, the second product, also based on Google’s Android platform, will be released early June in Singapore. Tough luck for those waiting for HTC’s second iteration as they won’t get to try it right away. But, I’m pretty sure [...]

Samsung GT-I6320C TV Phone

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Yesterday, Samsung announced one of their latest phone for this year - the Samsung GT-I6320C TV phone bound for the Chinese 3G Network. The GT-I6320C will operate on Network, TD-HSDPA, TD-SCDMA, 3G and CMMB.
The phone’s main feature is obviously its built-in TV capabilities that would allow customers to watch TV in 150 cities across China. [...]

Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile launch W705 Zeemote phone

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Sony Ericsson has entered into a partnership with Zeemote, the wireless controller specialist, to launch the W705 Zeemote phone.
The device, which is only available on T-Mobile, brings a console-style mobile gaming experience to the UK for the first time.
The Sony Ericsson W705 comes bundled with the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller and [...]

Motorola Evoke Touch-screen Phone

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Motorola can’t seem to get anything right - well not since the Razr and its various modifications. However, last month, the company released a touch-screen phone, the Motorola Evoke. This is quite good for the company as this phone is not just another Razr revamp but a new phone altogether.
What’s even more interesting is that [...]

Samsung M550 Exclaim

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Samsung will launch the M550 Exclaim as a direct successor to the Samsung Rant. The big difference between the two is that the Exclaim will sport a new dual-slider design. I really don’t know how that would turn out but based on the picture, it looks pretty good. This lets the phone’s keypad slide down [...]

AT&T to Slash iPhone Service Plans

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AT&T and Apple have slashed the price of the iPhone twice already. And now, it could be brought down even more. AT&T may slash the price of its iPhone service plan by $10 when a new version of the touchscreen smartphone is launched this summer. This is according to recent news regarding the popular phone.
This [...]

TelstraOne interface uses SurfKitchen power

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Telstra, one of Australia’s leading mobile operators, has chosen SurfKitchen for the ‘TelstraOne’ homescreen interface on its mobile handsets.
SurfKitchen is a mobile Internet platform that gives handset users one-click access to the applications and services they use most frequently.
TelstraOne uses the SurfKitchen engine to enable users to easily discover and launch mobile widgets, Internet applications, [...]

Blackberry Storm 2 Expected this September

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After much speculation, official reports from Research in Motion has finally confirmed the release date of its Blackberry Storm 2 phone. The upgraded Blackberry Story is set to be released this coming September. According to some reports, the Blackberry Storm 2 will support Wi-Fi, which was omitted in the first Blackberry.
So far, reports have said [...]

Push for one micro-USB charger

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Cell phone usage is continuing to get simpler as cell phones become more closely integrated into society and manufacturers continue to push for global compatibility.
Recently initiatives have been taken by two groups to make cell phones simpler for views and more user friendly.
At the Global System for Mobile Communications (GMSA) a significant number of carriers [...]

Samsung Unveils their own Google Android Phone

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Move over HTC, you are not the only Android phone on the block. Samsung Electronics has just announced their very own Google Android mobile phone. Samsung became the first major mobile phone maker to launch a phone using Google’s open source mobile OS.
The Samsung phone, named the I7500, features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera [...]

HTC S740 Review

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The HTC S740 is what you would call a chic alternative to the bland-looking Blackberry Curve. For those who are still uncomfortable with those new touchscreen interface, the S740 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. This slim, eye-catching smartphone has a clean interface and a spacious keyboard making it one of the best Windows Mobile device [...]

3 UK Offers Free Mobile Skype Calls

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Skype is technically free - if you are using it for Skype to Skype phone calls. But, using Skype to call a friend or relative on other landlines and mobile phones can be made for a fee.
This could start a trend or it may not but mobile operator 3 UK  will allow users to enjoy [...]

Future for Java Mobile Edition Uncertain with Oracle

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For those of you who may not know, Sun Microsystems was recently acquired by Oracle. But what is the relevance for this bit of info? Well, for one, Sun Microsystems is the developer of Java Mobile Edition (formerly J2ME) - the ones you see advertised on smartphones and the the basis of most third-party applications [...]