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by Franz Bicar

5310.jpgConsumers today want everything. They want everything, all the features they like, into one device. Well, if you love music, the Nokia has got the piece for you. The Nokia 5310 combines the best of both worlds - a portable music player with a wireless communications device.

The 5310 is a smooth and sleek phone. Every time you see it, you get to imagine a cool new sports car that you want to show off to all of your friends. With its 9.9mm thickness, the 5310 is perfect for listening to your favorite tunes while jogging around the block or commuting to work or school via a bus, taxi, or subway train.

Other features you will notice is its build quality. The Nokia 5310 is solidly built. While sleek, the aluminum sides and color arrangement causes the phone to appear elegant, yet modest. Nokia’s placing of the 3.5 mm headphone jack at the mobile phone’s top, was an outstanding design choice. This conveniently prevents the cables from becoming knotted up. Also, the music control keys rise up perfectly off the phone’s surface, making them easy to locate when the phone is concealed in a purse or pants pocket.

The Nokia 5310 features a 240 X 302 pixels display, with 16 million colors. With this, users will definitely enjoy text messaging, pictures messaging and pictures that are displayed crisply and brilliantly.

Of course, as this is a music phone, the 5310 sounds as good as it looks. It has an audio messaging feature that allows users to record personal voice message and then transmit it to compatible gadgets. However, the main audio feature of this model is the Music Player that accommodates your favorite formats, including MP3, Midi, ACC, eAAC and WMA. Boasting of 18 hours of playback time, the Nokia 5310 can provide you with listening pleasure for a long time.

And, if you prefer a more spontaneous music selection, you can use the Nokia 5310’s FM radio. Lastly, if ringtones are your forte, this phone will be sweet music to your ears, providing True Tones and MP3 file formats.

The Nokia 5310 does not merely look and sound good. It compensates for its tiny 103 mm x 44 mm size, with several fantastic features. The tri-band EGSM 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz networks let you be truly global in a globalized world. Meanwhile, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity will give you some options when downloading your beloved songs and ringtones.

The pictures that the phone’s 2 mega pixel camera with 4x digital zoom produces are inferior to those of digital cameras. Nonetheless, remember that it is impractical to haul a digital camera with you everywhere. On the other hand, the Nokia 5310 mobile phone epitomizes convenience, allowing you to catch any shot, and at any time.

Nokia’s Xpress Music mobile phone series seems to have it all, combining an excellent blend of quality form and functions. The Nokia 5310 mobile phone continues this tradition. Combining a sleek appearance and packed with wonderful features, it certainly provides its user with much value.


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