June 30, 2009

Price for Android HTC Hero mobile

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by Alan Harten

Single charger for all phones from 2Price for Android HTC Hero mobile
Amazon.co.uk is the first retailer to post a pre-sale for the new Android HTC Hero mobile device, for the stunning price tag of £429.00.

The device is scheduled for release on July 1st but Amazon has tagged on a note that says the release date may be ‘subject to change.’

According to an Orange spokesmen, the HTC hero will still be available in July which is the original launch date, but the Orange help line quotes August, as does the Tony reader.

The issue is not clarified any by T-Mobile who have not yet announced when the Android will be available but a rep at T-Mobile did say once a phone appears on the ‘coming soon’ section of the website it is usually available in about two weeks.

Aside from the debate surrounding the HTC Hero launch, for those who are interested in the mobile it may be exciting to hear that the HTC Hero can be purchased without a SIM making it possible for those with O2 mobile contracts to buy and use the new gadget.

The HTC Hero features a touchscreen and a stripped down version of Android and is hailed as a “Twitter’ happy mobile.

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