June 29, 2009

Sony cell phone/game station combo

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by Alan Harten

Sony cell phone/game station combo
Rumours are afloat in the gaming industry that Sony may be considering a cell phone/game station combo that is based loosely on the Playstation platform by Sony.

The company will set up a project team to work on the new combo which would integrate Sony gaming technology with Sony Ericsson mobiles, in the next couple of months.

Sony Ericsson, which is a joint company between Sony and Ericsson, displayed a mobile phone that can connect to Playstation consoles last month, but this will not be on sale until the last quarter of 2009.

The difference with the new venture is that Sony will work in-house to develop the new mobile/game combo, rather than development taking place at Sony Ericsson.

Sony reported, however, that the new joint venture project was slated to begin in July which may be inspired by Apple’s iPhone which is starting to get attention from game developers.

This is not the first announcement of this type, as Sony patented a PSP mobile device that never saw the light of day.

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