June 29, 2009

Mobile Phone Security Challenge winners

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by Alan Harten

Mobile Phone Security Challenge winners
A few of the top designers and technology experts in the UK which have recently been honoured as the results of the £400,000 Mobile Phone Security Challenge have been released.

The challenge was aimed at the creation of ‘crime proof’ mobiles.

Each winning team was selected based on the strengths of their collective credentials and will now be faced with the tasks of developing new securer mobile phones centred around the data they can contain.

The teams will also incorporate mobile commerce (m-commerce) into the phones which are due to be introduced in the UK in the future.

The winners of the challenge are: Data Transfer Communications and PDD Group Limited with You Get It Back; Proxama with Minima Design; Rodd Design with TTP; and Therefore Product Design with Imagination Technologies Limited.

The goal of these teams is to produce solutions and new hardware and software for mobiles alongside other innovations such as m-commerce by the opening of 2010.

The Challenge was sponsored as an initiative from the Home Office’s Design & Technology Alliance against Crime and the Design Council.

Over 50 teams competed in the national challenge, trying to figure out how to make mobile phones less attractive to thieves while keeping them attractive to the general public.

Applications were reviewed from UK mobile technology experts including some from Vodafone and Nokia.

Each winning team will receive £100,000 towards their future research and development efforts and have six months to develop solutions with advice from the panel of expert judges.

M-Commerce is expected to rise in UK, although currently it is hardly taken advantage of in the UK although many American companies are getting a firm grip on the M-commerce market including BestBuy, Sears, Amazon, and many others.

Currently, there are very few large businesses that have m-commerce sites in the UK perhaps due to the fact the stripped down browsing sites require more thought.

UK businesses that do conduct m-commerce are Amazon, eBay, and Interflora.

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