June 29, 2009

Mainstream mobile TV arrives in Norway

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by David Masters

Mainstream mobile TV arrives in Norway
Mobile phone users in Norway can now access mainstream TV services, including live news and weather, on-demand video streams, and sport, following the launch of the MiniTV Mobil application.

Designed as a companion to the Norwegian Mobile TV MiniTV DMB service, the application was developed by Norway’s three largest TV broadcasters: NRK, TV 2 and Modern Times Group.

The app is compatible with all major mobile operating systems, and delivers content to handsets on demand.

Built on weComm’s On-Demand Mobile Application Platform, the app provides “the richness and interactivity of an on-device application combined with the flexibility and freshness of an online service”.

Tor-Einar Eriksen, TV 2’s head of business development, said weComm’s platform was chosen because it enables “multiple broadcasters to deliver their own consumer experience allowing us to compete on content rather than technology”.

Eriksen added: “weComm have met our expectations and delivered this service both efficiently and effectively”.

A weComm spokesperson said the company is proud to have worked with Norway’s major broadcasters.

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