September 28, 2007

Apple update disables hacked iPhones

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by Jan Harris

Apple update disables hacked iPhones

iPhone owners who installed unauthorised software to unlock the device, are now finding that the phone becomes inoperable when they install a planned update from Apple.

Earlier this week Apple warned that iPhone owners, who had installed software which enables the phone to work on any service provider with a standard GSM SIM card, risked permanent damage to the phone if they then installed the V1.1.1 update.

The iPhone is designed to connect exclusively with AT&T’s network in the US and owners have to sign up for a lengthy contract with the operator.

Apple’s V1.1.1 update patches one security bug in Bluetooth, two in the iPhone’s email service, and seven in its Safari browser.

The bugs could allow an attacker within Bluetooth range to execute malicious code, reveal email details or make calls without the users consent.

It is also being reported that the update can also cause problems with iPhones that haven’t been modified, including deleting contact information, photos and music.

The U.S.-CERT strongly encourages users to review the advisory and follow best practices in deciding which updates to apply.

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