Google Gives Away 4,000 Phones

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by Franz Bicar

It’s not for everyone, and only if you are one of the delegates of Google I/O 2009.

To entice developers toward its Android Platform, Google gave away new, unlocked HTC Magic to all 4,000 attendees of its Google I/O 2009. By far, this announcement drew the loudest applause from the delegates.

On its opening keynote, Google spent most of their time on their long term goals - that of improving user internet experience. They realized that they couldn’t do this alone and their platform - Google Android - is one way of realizing this dream.

In the words of Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz in 2006, “There’s always a programmer, a brilliant person, he said, that’s somewhere other than where you are. They just need a platform so they can realize their idea or vision.”

By giving away the development platform for free, developers everywhere will now be able to realize their potential and their capabilities.

In addition to improving the overall web experience through its standards efforts, Google is also looking for new ways to making Google products more usable to web developers. To that end, Google announced Google Web Elements.

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