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by David Allen

Consumers are remarkably informed when it comes to buying electricals, and this is no different when it comes to digital cameras. So it is no surprise when the camera manufactures begin to add more and more technology into a smaller casing, all for a really low price.

This would apply to the new Samsung S85, which has the look, feel and specs of an expensive camera, yet carries, a low price tag. It’s the shiny metal case that first attracts the eye, then all of the lights and buttons. This is before the consumer has even had a chance to look at what this camera actually has to offer.

ASR, shutter speeds of up 1/2000 sec, 2.5 LCD screen and so on, including 13 different scene modes, like portrait - landscape settings and plenty of others too. This camera will also run of mains power or battery, giving the user plenty of options and no excuses for no power because of the batteries and to finish off, it has an in built microphone which allows the user to add a description to the pictures as they go.


5X Optical Zoom
Face Recognition AF&AE
ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction)
High sensitivity ISO 1600
14 Scene Modes
2.5” TFT LCD
Mode Dial

The face recognition, means that while taking a photo from some distance, the lens will automatically detect a face and adjust the zoom to focus in automatically, this will be great at sports events, while the user worries about the picture the camera will do all of the hard work.

What is more surprising, the fact that this cameras comes in well under £150! It is actually priced at £120, now that is good value.

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