June 26, 2009

HP Ipaq 910C Review

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by Franz Bicar

For today, let’s deviate from our usual consumer smartphones and try to look at some of today’s leading business models. Most of these devices include features that are at times missing from today’s smartphone models - given that these devices cost a little bit more. Of course, basic features for performing office tasks are there, like document editors and document viewers, browser, wifi, etc.

For today, let’s take a look at the HP iPaq 910c Business Messenger. The device is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 and offers an alternative aimed at corporate users who are willing to pay top dollar for a high-end smart phone with advanced features.

The HP iPaq 910c is sold unlocked. This is done specifically for companies who may have their own preference in service providers. What the user only needs to do is to insert their preferred carrier’s SIM card and they are good to go. Benefits of this setup is of course, you’re not tied up to a certain carrier and you are not burdened with a long-term plan.

The design is pretty much similar to other popular business smartphones like the Palm Treo Pro. It has a glossy black exterior, candy-bar form factor and sports a QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is quite exceptional for this device. It has superbly sculpted keys that makes typing messages and emails a breeze.

Aside from its QWERTY keyboard, the iPaq 910c also has a transmissive 320-by-240-pixel touch screen. Unlike the iPhone or the Palm Pre, navigation is done through either a stylus that comes with the unit, a central navigation touchpad, surrounded by the usual complement of Windows mobile and phone control key, and a scroll wheel and an OK button on the right side of the unit.

For supported wireless connection, the iPaq 910c supports most available wireless standards like Wi-Fi, GPS, quad-band (this allows the phone to work with networks around the world), voice, and high-speed HSDPA/UMTS data networks. Furthermore, it has a removable rechargeable battery, which is rated at 1940 mAh and provides 4 hours, 58 minutes of talk-time.

The iPaq 910c’s storage capacity can be expanded up to 4GB via its microSD slot. It has 128MB of RAM for applications and 256MB of flash ROM for its operating system.

As a business phone, focus is on its business capabilities. It is no surprise that the HP iPaq 910c’s video and audio capabilities, is at best, on average. It has a 3MP still and video camera with several brightness controls and a built-in flash. Images, videos and audio for this handset is acceptable but not really exceptional.

Other notable features for the 910c is its GPS-assist software to help it get fixes faster and Google Maps, which can use GPS to show your location.

For business and enterprise use, its very easy to recommend this device. You get everything you want in a business device, plus, you are not tied to long-term contracts imposed by carriers especially if you already have an existing contract with one.

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