ForgetMeNot Africa launches email via SMS service

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by David Masters

ForgetMeNot Africa launches email via SMS service
ForgetMeNot Africa has announced the continent-wide launch of its Message Optimiser service.

Message Optimiser turns any basic mobile handset into a smarter, Internet capable, multi-channel messaging device.

It enables network providers to provide unified messaging services such as email, instant messaging, and SMS, without the end user having Internet access, device upgrades, or application downloads.

Networks can use the software to add value to their network services and increase revenue from data - especially in emerging markets where many mobile users have no access to a PC.

Because message optimiser does not require a data contract, network operators can use the service to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and decrease churn among pre-pay customers.

Jeremy George, ForgetMeNot Africa’s chief operating officer, said: “In today‚Äôs maturing mobile markets, mobile operators are increasingly focused on customer retention and service differentiation.

“Message Optimiser meets both needs offering a new revenue stream from their existing subscriber base while offering customers a unique service.”

Message Optimiser will first go live in Nairobi, Kenya on 1 April.

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