Dell Smartphone - Could it Succeed?

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by Franz Bicar

Talks and rumors of a Dell smartphone may actually be more than just rumors. Dell CEO Michael Dell recently confirmed the company’s move towards what they refer to as “smaller-screen devices.” This statement was issued by Dell last March 24 while traveling in Japan.

This is news for a lot of people but not really that surprising. Rival PC makers such as Acer, Asus, and Lenovo are already jumping into the smartphone bandwagon, so its not that hard to imagine Dell doing the same to stay competitive.

However, in a market that is saturated with smartphone manufacturers and devices that boasts as being the next big thing, Dell would need to introduce a device that is something new - not a rehash on some of the more popular handsets out there. Just to mention, Dell has already tried its hand at smartphones before, but unfortunately, with little success. The company discontinued its Axim personal digital assistant in 2007 following several years of lukewarm sales.

Well, whatever Dell decides in terms of the phone’s form, design, and capabilities, it would have to top that or be similar to that of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, Apple’s iPhone, and the various devices running software from Microsoft, Nokia, or the Google -backed Open Handset Alliance. As Palm (PALM) is about to release a much anticipated device, the Palm Pre and Apple is expected to unveil a dramatic hardware upgrade to its iPhone this summer, Dell would definitely need to be very creative to have a crack at the smartphone market.

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