T-Mobile Broadband Users Can Share Connection

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by Alan Harten

T-Mobile Broadband Users Can Share Connection
A new initiative from the T-Mobile will mean that people will be able to share their mobile Internet connection with others.

T-Mobile believes that customers want to share their connection, so have provided them with a device called the Mobile Broadband Share Dock to enable broadband sharing.

In addition this new device will be free of charge, connected to the company’s contract to provide broadband services, as for the time being it will only be available for free with 18 month contracts.

The device works in a similar way to fixed line wireless routers. It will allow two or even three laptops to connect via one broadband dongle either at different times or even simultaneously, the device is also plug-and-play enabling quick and simple connection.

The launch of the device follows research from the company that indicated that mobile broadband customers wanted to share connections with relatives or friends for convenience and cost saving.

The connection will not have any increased download capabilities with a £20 per month dongle allowing for a total of 3GB of data.

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