June 25, 2009

Anam’s Bully Filter wins award

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by Jan Harris

Anam’s Bully Filter wins award
Dublin-based Anam, which provides mobile operators with messaging services solutions, has been recognised at the Global Messaging Awards 2009.

The company’s Bully Filter for Telenor was named ‘Best Social Use Application’ at the awards.

Telenor Group, which provides telecommunication services in 13 countries across Europe and Asia, uses Anam’s Parental Control solution to power its Bully Filter service, which can stop children receiving undesirable messages.

To activate the service parents register their child’s phone number to their account.

Parents can then activate a range of facilities to protect their children from unwanted messages, including creating a black list of numbers which will then be blocked from sending messages to the child’s phone.

With the problem of ‘mobile bullying’ on the increase this can give both parents and children greater peace of mind.

Anam’s Parental Control Solution can also send warning messages to parents if their children exceed a set budget for mobile phone usage.

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