June 24, 2009

New phone for 4 year olds unveiled

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by Alan Harten

New phone for 4 year olds unveiled
Now youngsters can get in on the fun of owning a mobile as well as adults with the introduction of the new FireFly handset, which is designed for children of ages four and up.

The FireFly handset, which will soon be sold in Britain, has only five buttons and two of them should please parents, since they directly dial Mum and Dad.

The phone has a colour screen, ringtones, wallpapers, a flashlight, phonebook, and has parental controls in place so that children only receive calls from contacts they approve.

Reports show that half of children under the age of ten now have a mobile device which has lead to some speculation that allowing children to own mobiles may be ruining the simplicity of childhood.

Additional concerns centre around the effects that phone radiation may have on children’s health.

A member of ‘Parents Outloud’ lobby group, Margaret Morrisey, stated bluntly that while parents will claim mobiles are for safety purposes, the real purpose is just to make more money off of children for the mobile company.

The concerns are not too far reaching however, as the £85 Firefly handsets have already been sold to over 7.000 children in Ireland.

The Firefly model is expected in Britain by the end of 2009.

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