June 24, 2009

Future of Mobile Devices Bright with Intel and Nokia Partnership

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by Franz Bicar

On Tuesday, Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, and Nokia, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile devices, announced their partnership in developing future mobile devices. This announcement could serve as the cornerstone for the future of mobile devices and the mobile market.

Both companies are still silent on specific products or targets that they are aiming for, but generally their goal is to merge the computing world and the mobile world. Nobody knows whether their collaboration would result in a new line of smartphones, netbooks or mobile Internet devices, but whatever the end product is, some analysts said it will be monumental.

But not all will agree. This is not the first time these companies have worked together. They’ve had some history before and it included work with mobile devices and mobile broadband technologies such as WiMAX, but nothing spectacular has come of it. So, at this stage, its still too early to say whether this partnership will be a success of a bust.

These are the scenarios that would probably happen if all we look at is the end result - the finished product or technology. But what we also have to look into is that even with no specific output, the collaboration is mutually beneficial for both companies. Intel, on the one hand, is trying to establish its name as it expands to the mobile market with products such as chips for mobile devices. Nokia, on the other hand, is trying to extend their range of products beyond handsets and mobile phones.

Another thing that is beneficial to both companies is the fact that Nokia could influence how Intel develops their mobile chips. For Intel, Nokia’s technologies can be embedded into their chips like 3G HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) cellular technology. Nokia has compelling intellectual property in 3G radio technology, and the adoption of Nokia’s mobile broadband technology could help to strengthen Intel’s communications offerings, which include Wi-Fi and WiMax chips.

Whatever happens, its the consumers that would benefit from either scenarios. If it works, then they get a whole new line of products to choose from. If not, then they get a much improved product that resulted from the collaboration. Manufacturers win, consumers win.

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One Response to “Future of Mobile Devices Bright with Intel and Nokia Partnership”
  1. Money Mobile says:

    Yes, Merger of Intel and Nokia is beneficial for all mobile devices and mobile users. Because Nokia is the largest mobile selling company and Intel is the best
    semiconductor manufacturing company. This merger will offers the new ideas in the mobile market and new cheap and best mobile devices will launched. As I think.

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