June 23, 2009

T-Mobile to Introduce the Android myTouch

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by Franz Bicar

As the Summer for smartphone heats up, another one is being released that will give consumers more choices to choose from. This is T-Mobile’s next Google Android device, named myTouch. This new smartphone will be announced on Monday and will be the carrier’s second device utilizing Google’s open source t-mobile_mytouch_270x610mobile operating stytem. Last fall, T-Mobile released the G1 Google Android Phone and has sold over 1 million devices. The company hopes that the myTouch would become as popular as its predecessor.

As with the G1, myTouch is manufactured by mobile giant HTC. It more or less has the same design as the Google Ion, which is also known as the HTC Magic.

Since it is similar to the HTC Magic, expect the T-Mobile myTouch to have a thinner body than the G1 and a form that is slightly smaller than the iPhone. Features such as a large 3.2-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320 x480 pixels and no physical keyboard are also to be expected. The phone also offers network support for 3G and Wi-Fi.

The myTouch comes with 512 MB of internal memory and supports microSD for external storage. The device will ship with a 4GB microSD card which can be extended if ever the user wishes to do so.

T-Mobile will announce a few more Android devices this year, but is very confident with what the myTouch can accomplish.

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