June 23, 2009

iPhone users undeterred by recession

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by Alan Harten

iPhone users undeterred by recession
Apple’s news that it has sold over 1million of the new iPhone 3GS within just three days of the phone’s launch is particularly noteworthy given the current global economic downturn.

To put the number into context, the figure means that for the first three days of its release four iPhones were sold every second.

Analysts expected Apple would sell between half a million to a quarter of the upgrade, but the iphone outperformed its expectations proving that Apple has a very effective marketing team.

The upgraded iPhone went on sell in the US, UK, and six other major mobile markets this past Friday.

O2, the only mobile carrier that offers the new iPhone 3GS in the UK said that the company had sold more of the upgrades by lunchtime then it had of the past iPhone model last year on opening day.

However, globally, the 2008 iPhone 3G model sold 1m units in its first three days on sale as well, but the original; model of the iPhone in 2007 took 74 days to reach the one million mark showing that the brand has caught on like wildfire since its debut.

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