Digital Copies On The Go For Camera Phone Users

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by Brian Turner

Qipit, a service for turning written or printed information into digital copy that can be stored and shared on the go, and ShoZu, a leading free service for accessing, saving and sharing photos, podcasts, videos and music, have announced the integration of qipit(TM) with ShoZu Share-It(TM) for camera phone users.

Using qipit and Share-It together provides a fast and easy way to capture documents with a camera phone. The new partnership allows qipit users with smartphones to upload their pictures with one click.

The ShoZu uploader eliminates the need to use MMS or mobile email when using qipit from a camera phone. It also maintains the original image size. With qipit, ShoZu users can quickly and easily save and share digital copies of documents such as handwritten notes or magazine articles with their camera phones.

Qipit users can download the free ShoZu uploader to their camera phone at, then select qipit as the “one-click” destination in the Share-It service, while ShoZu users can sign up for qipit at

Qipit is produced by Realeyes3D. The partnership of Realeyes3D and ShoZu brings together the experience and strengths of the two companies to provide a unique service to camera phone users.

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