Sony develops thinner multi-touch LCD display

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by Jan Harris

Sony develops thinner multi-touch LCD display
Sony has unveiled new technology which enables the production of a thinner multi-touch display and helps to ensure input quality.

Multi-touch displays are becoming more popular and are used in devices such as the iPhone.

The company’s new 3.5-inch multi-touch LCD uses optical sensing technology. It features a 640 x 480 resolution screen made of low-temperature, polysilicon, thin-film transistor technology.

The low-temperature polysilicon LCD allows optical sensors to be interwoven into the surface of the display.

The produces an ultra-thin surface which can respond to cues from a finger or from a tool made of inorganic material.

Current technology uses multi-layers which create a thicker display. There is also the chance that the layers could become loose and cause a deterioration in input quality.

Because the optical sensors are closer to the surface in the new technology, outside lighting can be factored more accurately into the input, preventing unintentionally jerky responses.

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