OmniVision Provides 5 Megapixel Module for Mobiles

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by Jan Harris

OmniVision Provides 5 Megapixel Module for Mobiles

OmniVision Technologies’ latest development brings high-resolution cameras closer for the mainstream mobile handset market.

The company has developed a 5.17 megapixel camera module for mobile handsets based on the OV5623 CameraChip sensor.

The affordable module measures 14mm x 14mm x 8.75mm and has auto-focus capability, providing high image quality and camera performance.

The OV5623 CameraChip sensor has an optical format of just 1/2.5 inches and a 2592 x 1944 image array with digital image stabilization capability.

It features a 10-bit A/D converter which allows it to operate at 7.5 frames per second (fps) in full resolution or 60 fps at a 864 x 648 resolution for enhanced video viewing on a TV screen.

The OV5623 incorporates OmniVision’s proprietary OmniPixel2 technology, a pixel design manufactured using 0.13-micron CMOS process technology which provides high dynamic range and truer-to-life colour reproduction.

A key feature is OmniVision’s zero-gap micro-lens structures. The sensor’s improved quantum efficiency optimises image performance by further increasing full well capacity - the amount of charge an individual pixel can hold before saturating.

The module is ideal for camera phones but could also be used in DSC video and hybrid camera applications.

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