Nokia netbook on the cards

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Nokia is thinking about jumping on the netbook bandwagon, its boss has confirmed.
CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvu said the company is currently working on its own mini-laptop to rival the Asus Eee PC and the Acer Aspire One.
“We are looking very actively also at this opportunity,” Kallasvu said.
Meanwhile, Taiwan-based notebook makers have reported that Nokia approached them [...]

Free 8GB IPhone from Softbank

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A few days ago, I wrote about a $99 iPhone from Best Buy. Now we have news that Softbank, Apple’s partner and the iPhone carrier in Japan, plans to introduce a new program Friday that will give some iPhones away for free with a new two-year contract.
This deal is basically for new subscribers who is [...]

Flirtomatic to use Xtract mobile intelligence

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Flirtomatic, a mobile social networking service, plans to use Xtract’s flagship software tool Social Links to analyse user data and more accurately target adverts.
Social Links will give Flirtomatic a 3D dashboard style overview of member profiles.
The 3D profiles will show age, location, gender, behaviour patterns, and influence information in an easy to understand diagram.
Flirtomatic can [...]

Momail supports all new MWC mobiles

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Mobile email service Momail is compatible with all the new mobile devices launched last week at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, the company announced yesterday.
As soon as handset specifications were officially released, Momail verified its ability to support them.
Top new models supported by Momail include the Touch Diamond2 from HTC, the INQ1 from INQ, [...]

Samsung Ultra S7220 Phone

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Yesterday we featured a phone with a candy-bar design. Today, we are giving you another and this time its from Samsung. Samsung is very popular with their slim sliders and in fact, I believe, they have perfected this type of design. So, its a bit surprising when they turn up with a candy-bar design.
The phone [...]

Embedded content key when choosing new handset

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Embedded content has become a key factor in choosing a new handset, according to survey by app store GetJar.
Embedded content is more important in a purchase decision than price, design or touch screen capability for 69% of users.
Twelve percent of those polled said embedded content is the most important factor when choosing a new phone. [...]

Nokia 6720 Classic

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With the advancement of technology, phones are generally evolving in features and form factors. We have super slim phones, touch screen phones and even ones that are transparent. However sleek these designs are, major manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and ZTE are still making candy-bar phones that are targeted for the no-nonsense, less fancy crowd.
For Nokia, [...]

Watch movies with friends on a single handset

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MindTree and Texas Instruments have jointly unveiled a new Bluetooth application that allows users to listen to the same audio stream on different headsets.
The technology opens up a new range of uses for handsets, including song sharing, and watching a movie with friends.
Commenting on the application, Texas Instruments’ marketing manager, Eran Sandhaus, said: “consumers increasingly [...]

$99 iPhone Becomes a Reality with Best Buy

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I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this right? Lots of people asking Apple for a “cheaper” $99 iPhone. Knowing the attitude of Apple regarding customer requests and their “don’t-tell-us-what-to-do” attitude, lots of people are saying that this is not happening at all.
Well, to cut the story short, it’s here, the very thing that you wished [...]

Commtiva unveils solar phone

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Telecoms manufacturer Commtiva has released its first two branded cell phones, and one of them is powered by solar.
Like ZTE’s Coral 200, the low-cost Commtiva Sola is designed for developing markets where access to mains electricity is limited.
Its features are basic: WAP browser, SMS messaging, polyphonic ring tones, storage for 100 phone book entries, and [...]

IPhone Apps: Buy ‘Em, Leave ‘Em

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IPhone apps may be very popular and growing very fast, but is it the most used? Apparently not. At least that is the conclusion from data collected by Pinch Media, a company that helps developers track the use of their iPhone applications.
Pinch found that of the users who download free applications from the App Store, [...]

Mobile Phone Viruses On The Rise

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A few years ago, viruses are synonymous only to computers. We never heard of viruses infecting cellular phones, but now, its pretty common. McAfee, one of the world’s biggest antivirus software and computer security company, says that viruses and spam attacks targeting mobile phone users are on the increase.
According to the security firm’s annual mobile [...]

Toshiba TG01 4.1-inch touchscreen smartphone

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Over 110,000 blog posts have already been written about the Toshiba TG01, so if you haven’t yet heard of it you must have been hiding in an internet free zone.
Features of the 4.1-inch touchscreen smartphone include high definition screen, 1GHz Qualcomm processor, and Windows Mobile platform.
Although its screen is bigger than the iPhone, users [...]

ZTE builds low-cost solar-powered handset

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Digicel Group has unveiled the world’s first low-cost solar powered handset.
Manufactured by ZTE, the Coral 200 Solar has an integrated solar charger.
Digicel says the handset - which will cost under $40 - is aimed at emerging markets.
An estimated two billion people worldwide have limited or no access to mains electricity - and many [...]

IMImobile acquires Music2You from Nokia Siemens

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IMImobile has acquired the Music2You (M2Y) service from Nokia Siemens Networks.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
M2Y provides telecoms operators and media companies with full-track music download and subscription services. Customers include AOL in Germany, Vodafone in India, and Akado in Russia.
Value-added services provider IMImobile will incorporate M2Y into its DaVinci Service Delivery [...]

Avenir to distribute Beewi WiFi and Bluetooth

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Business-to-business telecoms provider, Avenir Telecom, is partnering up with accessory developer, Beewi, to bring innovative smartphone accessories to the UK market.
France-based Beewi is “an exciting new company with several ‘world’s-first’ products,” said Avenir managing director Andy Tow.
Beewi products to be distributed by Avenir include a credit card sized Bluetooth handsfree speaker - the smallest and [...]

HTC Magic Google Android Smartphone

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High Tech Computer (HTC) unveiled its second Google Android-based smartphone, the HTC Magic, with mobile service provider Vodafone on Tuesday.
The new smartphone will soon battle its predecessor, the T-Mobile G1, or otherwise known as the HTC Dream, in Europe. Vodafone plans to launch the HTC Magic in the U.K., Spain, Germany, France and Italy and [...]

Accumulate secures online payments with mobile technology

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Mobile security firm Accumulate has unveiled a new mobile-phone based security system for online payments
Check ME, part of Accumulate’s Mobile Everywhere (ME) platform, sends users a pin code direct to their mobile phone when making an online payment.
The pin code is entered online to complete the payment.
The system - similar to one already used by [...]

Anam signs up new operators for Smart SMS

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Dublin-based SMS service provider, Anam, has signed up three new global operators for its Smart SMS Services.
Unnamed mobile operators in Taiwan, Vietnam and Ireland plan to use Anam’s services to increase revenues from SMS.
“These deals highlight the value that our Smart Services solutions can bring to global mobile operators, with about another eight million mobile [...]

MobiTV enables iPhone support

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Mobile TV provider MobiTV has added iPhone support for its live streaming and on-demand video content.
MobiTV’s user interface - which includes immediate video start and fast channel change - has been adapted to suit the touchscreen iPhone.
Linear TV can now be downloaded direct to the iPhone over 2G, 3G, or Wi-Fi internet connections.
“Our new live [...]