Palringo luanches RMS for iPhone

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iPhone owners can now download Palringo’s rich messaging service (RMS) application from Apple®’s new App Store. Palringo enables picture messaging, text-based messaging and, soon, vocal instant messaging over the iPhone’s data connection.
Palringo integrates with several existing, popular instant messaging services: AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and Windows Live Messenger. [...]

Dell’s Smartphone Plans Revealed

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A recent interview to Dell’s CEO, Michael Dell, revealed the company’s plan for smartphone development. Rumors have been circulating a long time ago on Dell’s plans to enter the smartphone market. As one of the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of personal computers and other computer-related products, Dell could definitely benefit and expand their services [...]

HTC Touch Cruise Review

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The HTC Touch Cruise was released late last year. It became one of the most popular handsets in the market. So now, I think it’s time for us to take a look at what this device has to offer. The Cruise belonged to the same family as the HTC Touch and HTC Touch Dual, therefore, [...]

Motorola Z6c Review

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Earlier this year, RIM released its Blackberry 8830 into the market. It has most of the functions a traveling executive needs. Samsung has the same type of phone with their Motorola Z6c. It offers most of the functions expected from a business handset.
The Z6c has the same slider design as most Motorola Rizr phones. In [...]

Samsung Katalyst Review

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Despite its unique name, the Samsung Katalyst is not that different from other Samsung slider phones out on the market. It measures around 2 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 0.7 inch thick, it has an understated gray-and-chrome design, with slightly blocky corners and a soft curve along its sides. But it’s not the [...]

LG Chocolate 3 Review

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The LG Chocolate is probably one of the best phones ever produced by LG. It became very popular specially with its slender, candy bar design and its unique touch-sensitive music player controls. It focused mainly on users multimedia experience. Given its popularity, LG managed to make it even better with the release of the new [...]

August launch for Meizu iPhone clone?

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Rumours about the Meizu M8 have been around for a while, but it seems that the phone is now set to launch in August, according to a post on the Chinese company’s website.
The phone, an iPhone clone, is expected to feature 128MB RAM, with a 256MB RAM version expected to follow in October.
The [...]

LG Dare Touch-Screen Phone

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The LG Dare is probably one of the more popular iPhone “alternative” out in the market today. It sports features that many people clamoring to be included on the popular phone from Apple. It has features like mobile TV and 3G connectivity, which the 3G iPhone has now (only 3G), but still a lot of [...]

Samsung i8510 offers 8MP camera

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Samsung is believed to be preparing to launch a new Symbian S60, 8MP camera phone, the i8510, which looks set to rival Sony Ericsson’s C905, and Nokia’s N96.
Leaked pictures of the Samsung i8510 slider phone were posted on
The device is expected to offer WiFi and HSDPA connectivity, GPS, a 2.8-inch QVGA colour [...]

Apple iPhone 3G Review

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The much anticipated iPhone 3G has finally been launched over the weekend. This long-awaited, next-generation phone is pretty much similar to its predecessor and the key differences are not really that life-changing. However, the minor tweaks and changes are maybe enough to boost the 3G iPhone to newer heights and would probably allow Apple to [...]

Apple Sells 1 Million iPhone in 3 Days

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Despite all the hassles and the problems of getting the new 3G iPhone, Apple still achieved a very commendable feat - selling 1 Million units. Even with all the problems, the long lines and the complaints, Apple was able to sell its millionth phone last Sunday. Also, with the release of the new iTunes and [...]

£14.99 camera phone from Alcatel

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Alcatel has introduced a budget price camera phone for anyone who just wants an uncomplicated phone to stay in touch with family and friends.
Priced at just £14.99, the OT-S520 is a candybar phone offering a VGA camera that can be used as a webcam, and a 1.8-inch colour screen.
It measures just 11mm thick [...]

LG Decoy

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Cellphone manufacturers are constantly thinking of new ways of keeping their product ahead of the competition. Innovations and new ideas are popping out here and there. Touch screens to powerful cameras and even down to peculiar designs, manufacturers are doing their best to give consumers something fresh and new.LG might have done something that consumers [...]

Motorola ZN5 Camera Phone

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Motorola fans can finally relax. Motorola has finally made a very decent handset again - and as an added bonus, it does not resemble the Razr in any way. Motorola is launching a new camera phone in partnership with Kodak, named as the ZN5. The Motorola ZN5 feels and looks very cool. It has a [...]

LG 8 megapixel camera phone rumours

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Rumours are circulating that LG Electronics is planning to release an 8 megapixel phone - the KC910.
According to rumours, it will feature a WVGA touch-screen, a slim aluminium casing with a hardened glass display, and a brand new user interface.
Alongside the camera, the phone is expected to feature a Xenon flash, image stabilisation [...]

LG to release the Chocolate 3 on July 14th

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While Apple is on the verge of releasing their 3G iPhone this coming 11th, LG is also looking to release their next Chocolate model, the LG Chocolate 3 on the 14th. LG will be partnering with Verizon to introduce one of LG’s successful and most sought after model.
The VX8560 Chocolate 3, comes with a clamshell [...]

O2 reveals 3G iPhone Plans, Roger Wireless irks Apple

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It is now official! The latest details for the 3G iPhone’s price plan has been released by Apple’s UK partner, O2. The price plan revealed several key details on the monthly tariffs for the much anticipated device. The cheapest plan for the 3G iPhone will be the £30 per month for both the 8GB and [...]

O2 rations 3G iPhone

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Apple is launching its 3G iPhone in the UK on 11 July, and O2 is preparing for high demand for the device by announcing that it is limiting sales to just one per UK customer.
O2, which is Apple’s exclusive distributor for the iPhone in the UK, warned current iPhone customers of the move via [...]

Motorola W755 Phone

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There hasn’t been a lot of activity from Motorola this year. In fact, there hasn’t been a single device from Motorola that made waves since their Motorola Razr phones. Well, that might change with the Motorola W755 released by Verizon Wireless. Actually, the W755 doesn’t have anything new up its sleeve. It just earn points [...]

AT&T to Launch Samsung Omnia in Q3 2008

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AT&T is not only focusing on the inevitable release of the 3G iPhone, but they are setting their sights on both the 3G iPhone and one of its possible competitor, the Samsung Omnia (SGH-i900). Word came out that AT&T is also preparing the new Samsung Omnia for later this year. Earlier in June, news of [...]