New Vopium Can Switch From WiFi to 3G

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by Alan Harten

New Vopium Can Switch From WiFi to 3G
Vopium WiFi, which can be used with Nokia Symbian phones, is now available in a shiny new improved version that will allow callers to make low-cost, or possibly even free international phone calls.

With their improved system, if a caller is connected to WiFi they can contact another Vopium WiFi customer anywhere in the world without paying roaming charge fees, or even paying for the call.

If a user is unable to connect via WiFi the unit will automatically transfer the call through the 3G system.

Customers simply select the ‘WiFi/WLAN + 3G’ option in their phone and the system will automatically connect calls through WiFi and if there’s no WiFi available it will move on to a 3G connection.

The system is capable of automatically detecting a WiFi signal and can even differentiate between calls to a mobile or home phone, regardless of the country you are calling.

It also looks through your address book and tells you if one of your contacts is online.

All international calls are directed through as local calls giving the lowest price option available.

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