LG to launch Nyx 5-megapixel camera phone

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by Jan Harris

LG to launch Nyx 5-megapixel camera phone

LG Electronics is to launch the Nyx (KU990) in Europe this month.

The Nyx is a 5-megapixel camera phone with a touch-screen front panel and a built-in lens on the back.

Video clips can be recorded at high speed and played back in slow motion. It is rumoured that the Nyx can capture video at 120fps second in QVGA quality (320×240 pixels) resolution.

Europe is currently the largest market for high-end phones, and a key area for LG which faces competition from companies such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia.

Sony Ericsson also unveiled a 5-megapixel phone this month - the K770 Cybershot, while Nokia and Samsung already have high-end model on the market with the N9 and SGH-G600 respectively.

According to consultancy firm Gartner Dataquest, around 17 million 5-megapixel camera phones will be sold this year, 29 million in 2008 and 51 million in 2009.

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