June 20, 2009

Palm Releases Web OS 1.0.3 Update

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by Franz Bicar

Not to be outdone with the latest release of Apple’s iPhone 3.0 OS, Palm also released its first updates to their very own Web OS. Palm’s Web OS is at version 1.0.3 and is currently being used by their latest hit, the Palm Pre. Although no new apps were introduced for this release, several key updates were included to make user experience so much better.

The listed features for the Web OS 1.0.3 include enhanced e-mail support and faster Google synching. It’s not surprising that most of the updates were focused on quicker, easier and seamless synchronization with Google, after all, synergy is one of the features of Web OS that is heavily advertised by Palm.

Google calendar events with symbols or accents in the name can now synchronize and the sync interval for both events and contacts has been decreased from every few hours to every 15 minutes. Palm also promises better e-mail performance in areas where wireless coverage has been spotty, as well as support for Non-SSL Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) mail servers.

As far as the little tweaks go, Palm has fixed an alarm clock glitch, which caused alarms to go off on weekends, even if they were set for weekdays. Version 1.0.3 also includes various other updates to e-mail, phone, and other apps.

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