March 20, 2009

iPhone Tethering Capabilities Hidden in iPhone OS 3.0

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by Franz Bicar

A few months back, Apple deleted an application from its App store that allowed users to use the iPhone and its 3G connections as a modem to connect to the internet. Many were disappointed with Apple’s decision concerning this. A lot of loyal fans were confused as to why Apple had to to this. With the developer release of the iPhone OS 3.0, it became all too clear - Apple wants it all to themselves.

One entrepreneurial developer has managed to crack into the phone’s Internet tethering capabilities using the iPhone OS 3.0. Steve Troughton-Smith unearthed the iPhone’s tethering preferences pane, connected his iPhone to his Mac via USB, and was allowed to use the phone as a modem. The only problem was, he either forgot or he didn’t know the steps to do it. It seems that the discovery came as an accident while Smith was playing around with APNs in the Carrier bundle itcc file.

During the iPhone OS 3.0 conference, Apple officials already hinted at the availability of internet tethering as a feature on the new iPhone OS 3.0.

The question now is whether carriers can accommodate this service on their networks. Earlier this week iPhones practically crippled AT&T’s 3G network at Austin’s SXSW festival. Imagine hundreds of thousands of computers connected to that same network and the damage it would wreak.

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