Toshiba TG01 4.1-inch touchscreen smartphone

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by David Masters

Toshiba TG01 4.1-inch touchscreen smartphone
Over 110,000 blog posts have already been written about the Toshiba TG01, so if you haven’t yet heard of it you must have been hiding in an internet free zone.

Features of the 4.1-inch touchscreen smartphone include high definition screen, 1GHz Qualcomm processor, and Windows Mobile platform.

Although its screen is bigger than the iPhone, users who have trialled the handset say it makes Apple’s smartphone look thick and chubby.

The TG01’s 512MB internal memory is expandable to 16GB, and connectivity comes via WiFi, Bluetooth and HSDPA.

Toshiba Vice President Hisatsugu Nonaka said: “The TG01 is the future, a truly mobile device that satisfies consumer demands for total mobile connectivity, something most of today’s handsets fail to do.

“Our challenge was to provide an innovative product that goes beyond today’s needs to anticipate tomorrow’s capabilities.”

He added that the TG01 aims to integrate Toshiba’s best mobile and LCD technologies into a premium multimedia handset.

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