June 19, 2009

Indian children’s movies broadcast on mobile TV

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by David Masters

Indian children's movies broadcast on mobile TVChildren’s films produced in India are set to be broadcast on mobile phones around the world following an agreement between the Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) and ROK Entertainment Group.

ROK will launch CFSI films on its worldwide Mobile TV services, starting with its India-based Tiny TV service.

CFSI sees the move as a step towards achieving worldwide recognition for its films.

“We see mobile phones as a fantastic, fast-growing and brand new distribution channel for our movies not just across India but worldwide as well” said Sushovan Banerjee, CFSI CEO.

“As pioneers in children’s movies we are delighted to be working with ROK on the delivery of our content to a new generation of children in this new manner.”

Established in 1955 with backing from India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the CFSI controls a vast library of movies, including animations, puppet films, short documentaries, and news films on subjects of special interest to children.

Filmmakers including Satyen Bose, Mohan Kaul and Rajindar Sharma, have all contributed to the CFSI library, and actors in the films include stalwarts of the Indian movie scene, such as Mrinal Sen, Shyam Benegal, Tapan Sinha, Sai Paranjpye and Santosh Sivan.

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