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by Franz Bicar

Yesterday, Samsung announced one of their latest phone for this year - the Samsung GT-I6320C TV phone bound for the Chinese 3G Network. The GT-I6320C will operate on Network, TD-HSDPA, TD-SCDMA, 3G and CMMB.

The phone’s main feature is obviously its built-in TV capabilities that would allow customers to watch TV in 150 cities across China. The GT-I6320C supports the China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CCMB) service, allowing users to watch mobile TV in a 150 cities in China.

This is indeed a big step in mobile television. However, this phone will never see the light of day in America and Europe due to the fact that China runs its own mobile phone network that makes all US and European phones useless. Tweaks or hacks won’t even work with this phone. If US and Europe would want to have a phone such as this, then something has got to change - and I’m not talking about the phone.

On January 7, 2009 China granted TD-SCDMA 3G licences to China Mobile and the Samsung TV phone will one of the first handsets to take advantage of this new technology. TD-HSDPA technology represents an evolution from TD-SCDMA, and enables users to download files at 2.8Mbps - a speed that is faster than TD-SCDMA.

Samsung has been developing TD-HSDPA technology in the pursuit of not having to rely on western technology - meaning that they do not have to pay huge licensing fees. This is one of the main obstacles for mobile companies. A lot of people are wondering why countries such as Korea, Japan, and China, can offer these services while the US and European countries can’t. A short answer may be that western companies only want to make money and they tend to forget the meaning of service - service offered to the people.

Yes, there will be technicalities and legal hurdles that would have to be solved in order for services like these to become a reality. But, with the resources that these companies have, I would think that this is just a bump in the road ahead.

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