Actel Gives Derdack 50 Value Added Services

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by Alan Harten

Actel Gives Derdack 50 Value Added Services
Actel who is very active in the Middle Eastern mobile messaging solutions market, has announced that it has now completed a major operation for mobile messaging platforms and notification workflow software provider Derdack.

The work involved message master(r) xsp, the company’s mobile messaging platform.

Derdack needed more than 50 value added services attached to the system, and Actel were charged with delivering the migration of these services.

Derdack are looking to become heavily involved in mobile services, in particular the active non-voice services market.

To do this they needed to add message master(r) xsp to their portfolio to make it a genuine SMS and MMS messaging platform.

Actel achieved this by migrating its own value-added services and interweaving them with the Derdack system.

This has given Derdack a whole host of new services to offer its customers including SMS-to-TV services, content-download applications, breaking-news services and SMS subscription services

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