June 18, 2009

Summer Release for the T-Mobile Dash 3G

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by Franz Bicar

The long awaited refresh of the T-Mobile Dash has been released by T-Mobile. The phone, named the T-Mobile Dash 3G, is part of what many is calling the best summer for smartphones, even with the ongoing recession. It started this month with the launch of the Palm Pre and will continue this week with the release of Appleā€™s iPhone 3G S. Next week, T-Mobile will also release its second Android phone.

The Dash 3G is very similar to the HTC Snap. It is the first 3G phone from T-Mobile to use the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Edition operating system. The handset has evolved from its previous iteration to look sleeker and more smoothly designed. It replaces the previous model’s five-way nav button and cluster of small nav keys beneath the display with a trackball and clearly defined, round nav buttons. The QWERTY keyboard appears roomy as well.

Furthermore, the Dash 3G has a QVGA (320 by 240 pixel resolution) display, integrated GPS, Exchange server support, microSDHC card slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 2-megapixel camera. Even with these features, is it enough to compete with phones such as the Palm Pre or the iPhone? Only time will tell.

The T-Mobile Dash 3G will be sold in stores in July.

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