June 18, 2009

New rough, tough, Land Rover … phone

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by Alan Harten

New rough, tough, Land Rover … phone
Land Rover is venturing into yet another new market terrain by creating a rough and tough mobile device that is advertised to hold up against any obstacles, much like the popular Land Rover vehicles.

The new mobile has been announced as the Land Rover S1 and is a partner project between Land Rover and Sonim Technologies.

In true off road spirit, the model was first displayed from the top of Mt. Everest by notable explorer Sir Ranulph Fines once he reached the top of the world’s highest mountain.

The mobile is set to be the first IP-67 GSM mobile phone to hit the market yet, which for those who are unfamiliar with the ranking system, means that the mobile went through a series of test where it was dropped, exposed to dust, and shocked, many times and survived.

Thus, the Land Rover S1 may be one of the toughest GSM phones in existence when you add in the fact that it is also waterproof and can withstand pressure up to 400kgs.

While you may think the heavy durability of the phone would limit its options, the Land Rover S1 mobile comes fully equipped with GPS, FM Radio, a 2GB memory slot, a waterproof camera, and Java for mobile.

It also has Bluetooth capabilities and an Opera Mini Wap browser.

The global licensing manager of Land Rover, Lindsey Weaver, said that the company is excited about the launch of the new mobile which complements the popular car brand and that it is designed to meet every need an outside adventurer has while also taking all obstacles of the outside environment in its stride.

Land Rover most likely chose to work with Sonim Technologies as it recently released the world’s first and currently only mobile phone on the market that is capable of being fully submersed in water and has a rating of IP-57.

The Sonim Technologies mobile is known as the XP3 Enduro and is the closest phone on the market that can rival the new Land Rover mobile device.

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