June 18, 2009

First mobile CDMA handset with analogue TV

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by Alan Harten

First mobile CDMA handset with analogue TV
Telegent Systems and Guizhou Zhenhua Moint Communication Co have teamed up to create the very first mobile CDMA handset that contains an analogue TV component, the Moint MT-V810.

The mobile handset is equipped to provide Telegent’s free mobile TV features to CDMA networks and is available in the country of China at China Telecom shops.

Vice general manager, Mr. Ma, of subsidiary of China Telecom company eSurfing Telecom Terminal Co. commented that the addition of free TV services, in addition to the other more standard features of a mobile phone, allows mobile users to capitalize on all the mobile company has to offer.

Outside of the analogue television capabilities, the MT-V810 also has a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 2.4” touch screen, stores up to 1000 contacts, has add-on memory of up to 2GB, and can be used for six hours of TV viewing time before dying or 200 minutes of talk time.

With the mobile TV feature users are able to receive the same analogue programming for free that they would if they were at home watching television so that they can watch news, regular programming, or sports games on their mobile devices no matter where they happen to be.

Additionally, Telegent has also announced the release of a new netbook PC that has the same embedded analogue TV reception capabilities, so that uses of the netbook can also watch television so long as they have their netbooks by their side.

Both applications coincidentally do not need internet access in order to work as they have their own built in television frequency receptors.

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