Eye-Fi announces Wi-Fi memory cards for cameras

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by Brian Turner

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California-based Eye-Fi is planning to release Secure Digital memory cards with integrated Wi-Fi chips this autumn.

The card will enable digital photos to be sent automatically from a camera to home PCs or photo-sharing Web sites.

Eye-Fi is in discussions with around a dozen Web sites to allow direct uploads from cameras equipped with the card, which will cost in the region of $100 - significantly more expensive than generic SD cards.

The cards are expected to have a memory capacity of around 2 gigabytes, although current cameras may not be compatible with the larger cards which have a slightly different format.

The cards are designed to conform to the standard SD card size and to incorporate a Wi-Fi chip. Networking functions shut down when photos are not been sent in order to conserve battery life.

The wireless functionality resides on the card, meaning that networking functions do not affect the normal operation of the camera.

Eye-Fi has also recently secured $5.5 million of venture capital from Opus Capital and Shasta Ventures.

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