Samsung chooses Streamezzo for internet portal

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by David Masters

Samsung chooses Streamezzo for internet portal
Samsung has chosen France-based software developer Streamezzo to develop and run its rich mobile internet portal.

The handset maker aims to encourage customers to use mobile services on its devices through the Rich Internet Application portal.

The portal is embedded on new Samsung devices and enables subscribers to access a variety of free and premium services, including news, music, video, and games.

Users who already own a Samsung phone can access the portal without any need to upgrade their device software.

Streamezzo seemed somewhat chuffed to be chosen by Samsung, and CEO Olivier Avaro is certainly making the most of it.

“It’s highly rewarding to work with a forward-thinking organization like Samsung who looks beyond the status quo and strive for high valued services for their customers,” Olivier said.

He added: “Putting Streamezzo’s experience at the service of Samsung’s vision confirmed our capacity to deliver in short time compelling mobile applications.”

Samsung believes it has struck upon a new business model with the portal.

Anthony Park, business development director at Samsung Europe, said: “This technology opens up attractive business models that end users will really get excited about.”

The portal will first be released in the UK, Germany, and Russia, with more countries following in the coming months.

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