New Photo Sharing and Synchronization Feature

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by Brian Turner

Alltel Wireless is developing a photo sharing and synchronization feature that will enable PC and Web photo collections to be viewed on mobile phones. It will also send camera phone pictures automatically to a PC and the Web, and allow users to share PC and Web photos from anywhere.

Alltel is launching the service with its partner Sharpcast Inc. The service will eliminate the need to manually upload and share photos and to create backups. Sharpcast automatically backs up photo collections online, organizes them into Web albums and updates the collection on all a user’s mobile phones, PCs and the Web.

The feature can be used for both personal and business applications - e.g. sending a photography of a real estate property to an office.

Sharpcast Photos will be available on most new Windows Mobile smartphones from Alltel, including the new Palm Treo 700wx and the UTStarcom PPC6700. Windows Mobile phone owners can download the application and register for a free Sharpcast Photos account at

Customers can register to try out the service with up to 5GB of free storage or may choose to upgrade with a monthly subscription.

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One Response to “New Photo Sharing and Synchronization Feature”
  1. Ray says:

    I think 5GB of free storage is pretty good but how much is your subscription and how long does it last for? If it’s too expensive then i’m sure there are free media sharing sites I could find!

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