Nokia 5800 XpressMusic reaches a Milestone

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by Franz Bicar

Who said only Apple is enjoying success in the mobile market? The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia’s answer to the iPhone/iPod Touch as a touch-screen multimedia device has reach a milestone. It has now crossed the 13 million mark in just two months after the Finnish giant unleashed it worldwide. That is really impressive. Well, we can never really compare as we are only going to be comparing Apples to Oranges (no pun intended).

Apple released their iPhone for the first few months only in the U.S. Also, they locked it to the AT&T network. The 5800 on the other hand was released worldwide and was available for any major service provider out there. That is the reason why we can’t directly compare them.

But given the success of the 5800, one might think, what would the iPhone achieve in two months if it was released worldwide and it was not hooked to any service provider.

Now, we don’t really want to get down to iPhone-bashing, but Apple better have something really good planned for this year if it wants to claim back the touchphone throne that is slowly slipping from underneath it.

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