Samsung SGH-T719 with BlackBerry Push Email Feature

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by Franz Bicar

samsungt719.jpgBlackberry devices have always been popular when it comes to their email services. This tool is very useful, especially for professionals always on the go - where they can just pop-out their PDA and get their email virtually anywhere. However, a lot of people are still not comfortable with bulky PDA’s like the Blackberry and would still opt for those compact clamshell type phones. Well, Samsung has the answer for those users. The Samsung SGH-T719 offers the best of BlackBerry e-mail in a sleek package.

The SGH-T719 is a clamshell type phone and comes with the BlackBerry Connect software, which brings BlackBerry’s push e-mail technology to devices not manufactured by Research In Motion. With this technology on a Samsung product, emails are easily retrieved and accounts are kept up to date, plus, you still get the compact phone that some users can’t let go of.

This email technology is very simple. Adding personal accounts is very easy. The SGH-T719 alerts you when you receive a message, and the sender’s name is displayed on the flip phone’s external screen. Reading messages on the 2.2-inch internal screen is comfortable and messages are easy to read.

Receiving and displaying messages are easy, however, replying to these messages is another story. Like the BlackBerry Pearl, the SGH-T719 features a SureType keyboard: a QWERTY layout, but with two letters on most keys. The keyboard is supposed to predict which of the two letters you need as you’re typing each word, but it doesn’t always work well.

Furthermore, the keypad is a bit slippery and the keys are set almost flush with the phone, which makes them more difficult to press.

I guess this is the price to pay for wanting to have that compact design in your phone. The SGH-T719 is thin at 0.7 inches thick and measures 3.8 inches long by 2.1 inches thick when closed. When opened, the phone is almost 7 inches long. As with most Samsung phones, the SGH-T719 is comfortable to the hand and fits really well in your pocket.

The SGH-T719 includes a passable 1.3-megapixel camera. Its photos were about what you’d expect from a camera phone. It can also capture video clips, but the phone lacks a media player.

Overall, the SGH-T719 is a great device if you want constant access to your e-mail but you don’t want a full PDA phone and still want to maintain a small and compact design in you phone. However, as mentioned, you do have to bear the hassle whenever you type a reply to your received messages.


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