Apple iPhone 3.0 Announced

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by Franz Bicar

With competition heating up in the mobile market, staying ahead of the pack is important. Apple has been leading the group ever since the release of the iPhone. To maintain that lead, the company is making sure that innovations are constant as the company announced its new iPhone 3.0 software and a new software development kit. Apple distributed invitations Thursday for a March 17 special event in Cupertino, Calif., to discuss the 3.0 software and the new SDK.

Speculations on this announcement revolves around several software supports. Blogs and news sites all over the net have formed a list of the possible features the new software can give us. These are basically features that have been long present on other mainstream phones in the market, but surprisingly, were purposely ommitted by Apple.

These features include multimedia messaging, which is a very basic feature that every other cell phone has, cut and paste and text forwarding, also a very basic feature, tethering, real time turn-by-turn directions and video recording. There are apps in the app store but really, voice dialing and speed dialing should already be included on the phone in the first place. And of course, flash support.

These list might or might not be considered by Apple. But as customers and users, Apple should take a change to listen to these request. After all, we are the ones buying and using their products.

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One Response to “Apple iPhone 3.0 Announced”
  1. daniel says:

    The iPhone team has done a great job in bringing the best software and design.I had many concerns and issues with the old software, and everything I wanted has been addressed, and in my own opinion, the iPhone right now, is what I wanted it to be 2 years ago. I didn’t buy it all this time, waiting for the right mix.

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