August 12, 2008

iPhone 3G enabled with wideband VoIP

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by Jan Harris

iPhone 3G enabled with wideband VoIP
Software licensing company, SPIRIT DSP, has announced that its TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice Engine Mobile brings high quality wideband VoIP applications to Apple’s iPhone 3G.

This provides a valuable opportunity for iPhone 3G applications developers to create wideband VoIP applications, allowing iPhone users to benefit from improved voice quality, as well as the cost savings provided by VoIP.

The voice quality is significantly better on wideband, as it provides double the bandwith.

TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile also helps bring an enhanced multimedia and social networking experience to iPhone 3G users.

SPIRIT DSP has developed its IP-optimised, wideband voice codec, IP-MR (IP Multi-Rate), to provide higher voice quality in packet networks, and has already enabled a range of platforms for VoIP.

To ensure interoperability, SPIRIT Voice Engine Mobile also supports standard narrow- and wideband codecs, including GSM AMR NB and WB.

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