June 11, 2009

Recharge your phone without using the mains?

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by Alan Harten

Nokia may not have to worry about deciding whether or not to use the universal charger in the next few years if its newest technology works out, with the ability to charge mobile phones simply by using radio waves.

Aiming for 2013, Nokia hopes to fine tune its technology so that ambient electromagnetic radiation (AER) can recharge mobile phones, which would effectively be a one-up on Palm Pre’s ability to charge by touching the Smartphone to the base of the charger/holder.

Currently, the Nokia researchers have been able to get mobile phones charged up to 5 milliwatts with the current prototypes, but in order for the AER technology to work they need to increase it by ten times.

5 miliwatts would only help reduce battery drain unless the phone is completely turned off at which point it could start to show some signs of significant charging after a few hours, which may be useful to people who have left their chargers at home, but not to most people who would rather have a dependable charging source.

The AER waves come from several different sources such as TV masts, radios, Wi-Fi transmitters, and may be applied to RFID tags to make the technology globally useful.

MIT Journal reported that Markku Rouvala, a Nokia researcher, expects the new charging technology to go live within the next three o four years.

For now you may want to hang onto your charger if you want to keep using your mobile.

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