SFR and Streamezzo power Vodafone Live! 2.0

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by Jan Harris

SFR and Streamezzo power Vodafone Live! 2.0
French 3G mobile operator, SFR, has entered into a partnership with Streamezzo, to provide the software infrastructure for the next-gen Vodafone live! 2.0 rich media portal interface.

Vodafone live! 2.0 is an interactive portal which provides access to Vodafone Live!, a WAP-based portal service offered to SFR via an optimized rich media interface.

With Streamezzo’s platform, the new portal provides increased interactivity, an intuitive interface for navigation and easy access to content.

Subscribers can access a wide range of multimedia services, including TV, music and games downloads, and blog services.

Streamezzo aims to provide an end-to-end software suite which brings the functionality of PCs to the mobile pone, in a way which makes technical issues and complexities transparent to the user.

By doing so, it aims to overcome the diverse standards in the mobile industry, which can adversely affect the experience of mobile phone users.

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