iPhone Gets It’s Major Corporate Customer

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by Franz Bicar

There have been plenty of speculations with the iPhone. A lot of its detractors are saying that it the device is not ripe enough for corporate use. Well, those people/organization might have to think again as Apple’s iPhone gets its first major corporate customer - BearingPoint Japan.

Japan’s Softbank Mobile, the Japanese carrier of the iPhone, has signed its first major corporate contract for the iPhone 3G. It signed with management and technology consultancy BearingPoint and will have about 1,000 phones given to the company’s analysts and workers across the country.

In a report from PCWorld, BearingPoint stated that it is adopting the iPhone with the aim of improving the productivity of its consultants and helping them access information more easily. Right now the consultants carry both a cellular telephone and a data modem card for a PC.

This deal is a significant step for the iPhone, not just in Japan, but also throughout the world. This could be a major breakthrough for the iPhone in the corporate world. Use of the iPhone by BearingPoint could help traditionally risk-averse Japanese companies to consider the handset alongside more business-orientated models like those from Blackberry or running Windows Mobile.

The iPhone 3G went on sale in Japan simultaneously with many other nations on July 11. Despite a rush by enthusiastic early customers to get their hands on the iPhone, excitement for the handset has waned and the waiting lists of the launch period are now gone.

Source: PCWorld

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2 Responses to “iPhone Gets It’s Major Corporate Customer”
  1. Jim Brown says:

    Bearingpoint is a US based company. Not a Japanese based company.

  2. Franz Bicar says:

    BearingPoint is an ultimately large company, and as such, they have similar large branches in Japan.

    In fact, they have three located in Hokkaido, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo (Main Office).

    But thanks for the info, I updated the article to reflect this. Instead of “a Japanese based company” I changed it to BearingPoint Japan to eliminate ambiguity.

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