Sprint Announces Release Date of Palm Pre

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by Franz Bicar

We have waited and still waiting for the release of the Palm Pre. So far, no date was mentioned and no price has surfaced. Not until news from Palm Inc.’s user forums which stated that the highly anticipated Palm Pre smartphone could be available on Tax Day, April 15. Further confirmation to this news is the statement from one of the Palm Pre’s wireless carrier spokesperson stating that the device would ship in the first half of the year.

The news claimed that a Sprint Nextel Inc. customer service representative said the Pre would be available on Tax Day or the day after, April 15 or 16, and would cost US$300 after discounts with a two-year agreement. However, some skeptics are questioning this information because of the absence of any Palm advertising for the new smartphone.

The potential release date made some sense, however, following Palm’s April 1 release of more Palm Pre software details. Included in those details was an announcement that the Palm Pre will run an emulator application called Classic, designed by MotionApps that will allow most of the 30,000 Palm OS applications to run on the Pre’s WebOS, the new software created for the Palm Pre and future Palm devices. Neither Palm nor MotionApps released the price of the emulator.

Well, whatever the case may be, we can only do what others are already doing - wait.

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