Google Introduces Improved Gmail for Mobile Devices

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by Franz Bicar

Google has dominated the internet for the past few years now. They are slowly getting bigger and bigger. Every aspect of our internet activities is somehow influenced by Google (search, advertisements, videos, emails, etc.). With the internet technology slowly shifting from desktop machines and laptops to portable and mobile devices, Google is also slowly adjusting their sights to this new area.

The most popular mobile devices in today’s generation is no doubt the iPhone followed by the Android. Google released their new Web-based version of Gmail that lets users of both the iPhone and Android experience a more sophisticated online e-mail service. This includes faster access to messages and one that works even when offline.

Google demonstrated the Web-based mobile version of Gmail last week and announced its availability Tuesday on the Google Mobile blog. It promises to be faster in performing actions like opening an e-mail, navigating, or searching. And if the data network drops, users can still open recently read messages and to compose over a flaky, or non-existent, network connection.

Yes, these changes are amazing. It is a big step towards improvement. But the thing that we can get out of all this is how big and how popular mobile browsers had become. Now, you don’t only surf the web or read news, you can also do stuffs like email, chat or anything you can do in a standard desktop browser.

The fact that one Web site can support iPhone and Android today and likely the Palm Pre tomorrow is significant for Google: by putting the application on the Web, the company doesn’t have to create separate applications for different devices, as it has with BlackBerry and Android already but not the iPhone.

The relative universality of the Web app sheds light on Google’s motivation for supporting Android, too. Google has a strong interest in making mobile devices first-class citizens on the Internet, a move that ultimately will open up new advertising possibilities for the search giant.

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