Nokia patents swivelling camera design

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by Jan Harris

Nokia patents swivelling camera design
Nokia has patented a design that could see mobile phones being equipped with cameras which can be adjusted for different shooting modes. The design could also help improve photo quality.

The design features a bar mounted sideways at the top of the phone, on which the camera rests. The camera can swivel to face outwards for taking everyday photos, and swivel inwards for video calls, or self-portraits.

The camera would take up no more space than an average phone camera and the design would allow more advanced sensors and lenses to fit with the same flexibility as many other phones.

The mechanism would also allow a strong flash to be incorporated. On conventional designs the flash is exposed, which limits its size and makes it vulnerable to damage.

Nokia’s new design incorporates the flash within the camera. The user pulls the camera housing upwards to reveal a large omnidirectional flash underneath which would illuminate in the direction of the camera.

The patent filing includes illustrations of a slider phone using the technology, hinting that Nokia could feature the design in its N-series media phone line.

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