July 3, 2009

Mobile Application Security Promised by Veracode

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by Franz Bicar

As mobile applications become more popular, one question lingers in our minds – are these mobile applications safe? Can I trust my mission critical data through these mobile apps? Even now, as technology advances and shifts its focus towards the cloud, these apprehensions prevent major companies from adopting this form of setup.

This is why Veracode exist. Sounds like a promotional campaign for some, but to others, this is what they have been waiting  for. Veracode Inc., provider of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform, announced its intentions as it ventures into securing mobile applications (through their SecurityReview service) and the cloud in general.

With hundreds of mobile apps already being used for business transactions, Veracode’s entry to the market is very welcome. The SecurityReview service is, as of the moment, already available for Windows Mobile smartphones. Veracode promised that other platforms like RIM’s Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone and Google Android phones, will be supported very soon.

Veracode’s SecurityReview will be the first solution to enable enterprises and software vendors to assess the security risk of mobile applications before they are shipped or deployed for mainstream use. This in effect will prevent the alarmingly high number of data breaches for mobile application. As mobile applications grow in number, backdoors, malicious code or flaws introduced by third party libraries and components are also rising in number. SecurityReview then is the perfect tool for platform mobile application providers to secure and ensure the applications coming into each platforms are legitimate and safe.

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