July 2, 2009

Poor Hardware Plagues Palm Pre Owners

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by Franz Bicar

The first complaints for the Palm Pre is finally here. After the initial love affair with their shiny new handset, early Palm Pre owners are coming back to their senses and now sees several flaws on the Palm Pre.

One of the major annoyance for Pre owners is the poor hardware quality of the phones. In fact, one person allegedly returned four devices for various problems with the hardware.

One common problem is how the device slide open loosely and gets twisted in the process. Others complained of dead pixels on the screens or loose-fitting cases that let in dust and outside light, dulling the screen. Lastly, there is the overheating problem.

This is a big drawback to the Pre’s popularity. Just when the Pre is catching a bit momentum, these complaints surfaced. This is also a blow to Palm as most of its previous handsets were of excellent build quality.

Seeing the Pre as Palm’s ticket to the future, its almost certain that the company will try to make ammends to these problems.

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