July 1, 2009

Classic Games Headed to the App Store

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by Franz Bicar

Yeah, you heard it right. Huge fans of classic games such as Quake and Doom should rejoice for your favorite first-person shooters are headed to the iPhone via Apple’s App Store.

Doom Resurrection has been released for some time now so those early adopters know the capability of the iPhone as a gaming platform for FPS titles. Doom, the original classic FPS game, is ready for an iPhone release. With iPhone OS 3.0 support, additional downloads could include Doom 2 and other extra episodes, along with Bluetooth multiplayer. Quake on the other hand is still under development. Developers, however, is still not done with plans on reviving the original Quake and Quake 2. Part of their plans is also to make a port of Quake 3 Arena.

This is a significant step in iPhone’s domination in the smartphone market. This also strengthens the iPhone’s capabilities as a gaming platform competing with Sony’s new PSP Go and even with Nintendo’s DS. If more classic games are being ported to the iPhone, then pretty soon, the iPhone could take a crack at the handheld gaming console market.

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